Keith Urban travels back to Australia for treatment of prostate cancer

Keith Urban is a musician that was born in Australia and is quite popular among fans. The beginning of his relationship with Nicole Kidman, who is now his wife, unfolded in a manner reminiscent of a storybook romance.

When Kidman met Urban for the first time in 2005 at an event called “G-Day LA” that honors the accomplishments of Australians, she revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2007 that she was already engaged to another man. The event was held in honor of Australians. However, a mere three months after their accidental encounter, the couple announced their engagement.

According to the actress, “There was an enormous attraction initially, and we got engaged after three months and then we got married really quickly, but we didn’t really know each other,” and “We really only got to know each other after we were married.”


“I think meeting at a certain age makes a difference. And I trust my gut instinct. From the first minute I met him, there was a feeling of, Ahhh OK, somehow I’ve met home. And he had the same feeling. That was all we had but that was the essence of what we worked from.”

Two lovely girls were born to the couple. Robert, Urban’s father, who died after a struggle with prostate cancer, was among those who had a significant impact on who Urban became.

In 2018, Urban attended the It’s A Bloke Thing luncheon in Toowoomba as an homage to his father and to spread awareness. However, his fans were concerned that the singer might be ill when he was photographed by paparazzi at the Sydney airport and the pictures circulated.

He was there, nevertheless, to perform at a fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness.



Unfortunately, additional family members, including Urban’s uncles, experienced prostate cancer, therefore he is especially passionate about raising awareness for this disease.

Urban offered to play for free, which helped the lunchtime fundraiser raise a record-breaking $2,024,000.

This demonstrates that Keith Urban is not just a really gifted musician, a fantastic spouse, and a wonderful parent, but also a person with a heart of gold.

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