Heartfelt Revelation: Mother Opens Up About Sharing Daughter’s Final Moments on Facebook”

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When Zoey was diagnosed with cancer, she was just three years old. Before this, she was a lively and active child, much like many others her age. She grew up in a warm and loving household, known for her affectionate and joyful nature.

One day, while playing, Zoey took a fall. A few weeks later, she began to lose control of both of her hands. It was at this point that her family realized something was seriously wrong and promptly took her to the hospital.

Upon arrival, they received news that would forever be etched in their hearts, leaving an indelible message they would carry with them always. The doctor conveyed the devastating diagnosis: Zoey had DIPG, an uncommon and severe form of brain tumor. This revelation was especially heartbreaking considering their young daughter had been so full of life and love.

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“We were lost, Casey, Zoey’s mother, recalled. We had no idea what steps to take, where to turn. It felt like we were facing a sentence of unimaginable pain.”

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A tragedy unfolded, a living nightmare that no one would ever want to endure. Yet, the family summoned every ounce of strength to stay composed, especially for Zoey’s sake. Over the next two years, Zoey underwent countless treatments in their pursuit of hope.

They discovered a radiation therapy center in Germany, where Zoey showed promise. However, as time passed, her responses dwindled. Her condition deteriorated rapidly. The unthinkable was looming.

On July 4, 2018, in the comfort of her American home, Zoey peacefully left this world. Her parents, though utterly devastated, found solace in the precious moments they shared in those final hours. They knew that amidst the heartbreak, they had given Zoey a beautiful farewell.

Right up until her final moments, Zoey radiated joy. Her parents invited all their loved ones to come and spend time with her, knowing that time was running out.

Now, Zoey’s mother has made a courageous choice to share their family’s last moments together on Facebook.

“I decided to share it because, even though it’s a painful memory, it’s a beautiful one for us,” Casey explained.

The image captures the embrace of mom and dad around their beloved daughter. They sat together on the couch, their family dog beside them. They spent the day singing Disney songs, while a Harry Potter movie played in the background. In the midst of this tranquility, Zoey slipped away.

The world is about to know Zoey’s story. We will continue to give back and spread love and positivity, for she has given us an abundance of it.

About halfway through the movie, Zoey’s heart ceased to beat.


“I had seen a few families sharing moments like this, and initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share it,” she explained. “But then I thought, ‘I want a photo like that captured. I want those moments preserved so I can hold onto them forever, even when my memory fades.’”

Now, on the Facebook page ‘Zoey’s Light’, the family aims to spread the hope and radiance that Zoey brought into the world during all those years before her passing. They want Zoey to be an inspiration, encouraging others to support and love one another fully and gratefully — taking each ordinary day as it comes.

What Casey and Ben went through is something no parent should ever have to face.

Casey and Ben, you’ve been the most incredible Mom and Dad. My prayers will always be with you. Zoey is now an angel watching over all of us.

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Rest in peace, dear Zoey.

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